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EPIC DJs was founded with the vision of creating a DJ hire & event management company that offered both corporate & personal clients with industry professional DJs, superior audio & lighting solutions, all whilst remaining cost competitive.

How much does it cost to hire a DJ?

General Information Whether you are a personal or corporate client, the best news we can tell you is that hiring your own EPIC DJ is surprisingly affordable and very competitively priced for both personal and corporate clients. However, regardless of your status, we provide a service that is straight forward, cost effective, *exciting* and hassle free. Your EPIC DJ will have played in some of Melbourne’s hottest bars or night clubs and loves putting on a show with the music you choose. So when we developed our pricing policy, we attempted to find the right mix of being able to attract professional industry DJs to work for us, but then be able to offer them to you at a competitive cost against some of the other operators out there using less experienced ‘bedroom’ DJs as part of large franchise. So if you are looking for the ‘biggest’ company in Australia with the biggest marketing budget to put on your party? Unfortunately, we are not for you. If you are willing to sacrifice the DJ’s performance experience by hiring a ‘bedroom’ DJ to save a couple of dollars? Unfortunately, we are not for you. If however you are looking for a great value, professional, personalised and exciting service that makes your night special for all who attend, we say “Give us a go!” We are absolutely confident, you will be not only really glad, but relieved you made the right choice to work with Melbourne’s leading boutique DJ hire party service.
16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th and all other Special Private Occasions. Your special day has come and you deserve a special party. So nothing could be worse, we think, than having to head out into town only to spend your night in a club, full of strangers with music not of your choice. So you have thinking about hiring a DJ, you have done a shop around and your search has brought you here. Well done! Here are our general prices: You might already have a bar hired with sound and lighting already supplied, our DJs start from $350 for the night. Alternatively, you have hired out a venue, your local town hall or function room perhaps, and it needs a serious sound system and lighting package to ‘jazz’ it up a little. Thankfully, we have everything you need to make your party, lit up and sounding just like a real night club or bar. We suggest you contact us for a obligation free quote to be tailored to your specific needs. Keep in mind, regardless of your music / lighting set up, it will be set-up at the volume and intensity you desire… so whether you seek background music so you can mingle with your guests, or a heart pumping dance floor, you will be really glad you gave us a go! Please note education customers generally fall into this category of pricing. We also strongly suggest that you contact us for an exact quote for your specific event requirements.
The most important day of your life deserves simply nothing but the best. However the costs of the cake, the dresses, the suits, the honey moon, the bucks/hens night, the food, the function room and the limo is all quickly adding up. Thankfully, at EPIC DJs we are not going to bump up the prices to provide you with simply the best of DJ entertainment. Please check out our dedicated wedding DJ page. Alternatively, give us a call and our event specialists, Natalie, will work closely with you to ensure your night runs exactly as planned. Why risk your important day on a less commited operation?
Our corporate or business customers are encouraged to give us a call and talk directly to our event specialist Natalie. We can supply DJs for any event that you are putting on, whether that be an annual dinner party, promotional event, awards night or conference. Your lighting / sound / venue requirements are likely to be vastly different from our personal customers, hence we encourage you to contact us directly. In addition, our business customers are more likely to take advantage of our additional services such a model party hosts, indoor fireworks or a model DJ being supplied. Thus a complete package is tailored for your individual company needs.
You might out of interest want to know how much some of the other mobile DJ companies are charging through out Australia. Typically the prices range between $70-$180 per individual hour or from $280-$1200 for an individual event. A lot of companies have packages where you get particular brands or differing quality of equipment, depending on how much you pay. Some companies even offer the ability to hire a DJ ‘in training’ for less of a cost. Understandably, the whole process can become quite complicated. We hope after reading through our site and doing your own investigations, you can see we are making a genuine attempt to make the process of shopping for a DJ hire service really easy for you. Not only do we believe that after careful consideration you will find our service great value for money, but when it’s all said and done, we believe you will feel relieved you hired an EPIC DJ for your important event. As a boutique service, we may not be for everyone (some prefer jukeboxes), but we figure why risk your important event on a less committed operation?
As a rule, we do not price match. Due to the sheer amount of ‘bedroom’ DJs and backyard operations posing as mobile DJ companies, to get into a price war would ultimately drive down the service we can provide to you. Although I encourage you to read further below. We want to offer you a superior customer focused experience where you can feel relaxed and stress free on your birthday, wedding or other important event. By offering you night club lighting, sound and an experienced industry DJ, we believe we are offering you the right competitive mix.
Although we don’t price match, we do lower our prices for “Fans of EPIC DJs” on Facebook. If you are one of our fans, you will get quoted a lower hire fee. So before you make your next booking, simply become our fan on Facebook and then give us a call. (Please note: Offer applies only to non-business customers)

You will be surprised at our competitive prices!

To obtain an accurate price for your party requirements, please contact us for an obligation free quote.